• Team Escapades

Roads of Ladakh:

Ladakh, probably one of the most adventure destinations for any motorcycle traveller, or we can also call it a "Mecca" for a motorcyclist. Ladakh always offers great pleasure for those who love Mountains and adventures. Situated in the Trans Himalayan region of India, Leh is the headquarters of the Ladakh region. Ladakh offers some of the great road trips in the Himalayas, on this blog we are going to tell you the top Roads of Ladakh, where one can enjoy riding motorcycles or four wheels. It has some of the world's most dangerous roads and some of the world's highest mountain passes connected by road.

1. Manali Leh Highway – 476 Kms

Undoubtedly this Manali – Leh highway is one of the beautiful roads in the entire Ladakh region. The highway is a 476 km stretch starting from Manali town in Himachal Pradesh state and end in Leh town in Ladakh Union territory region. The highway will be closed for 6-7 months of the year during the extreme winter season, from November to early May it's highly impossible to access this highway. Because there are 5 mountain passes which are above 4000mtrs ASL. And the roads are in very rough shape with lots of water streams, broken bridges, and endless snow-capped mountains. The Leh-Manali Highway is generally two lanes wide (one lane in each direction) without a road divider but has only one or one and a half lanes at some stretches. Snow and rain can make the highway slushy or too slippery to travel. Past precipitation can also create travel hazards. It has over a dozen Bailey bridges and many of them are now being upgraded to two-lane steel bridges. The highway crosses many small streams of ice-cold water from snow-capped mountains and glacial melts without a bridge and it requires driving skills to negotiate fast-flowing streams. The highway has many damaged stretches and under-maintained portions, where even a little rainfall can trigger dangerous landslides. The road quality is poor from Zingzingbar to Pang and high speed can cause discomfort.