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India to Issue 5 Lakh Free Tourist Visa:

Covid 19 is one the deadliest disaster during the 21st century, which has affected the lives of so many people and businesses around the globe. Which has also caused a global economic crisis and created unemployment in almost all the business sectors. One of the most affected sectors is “Tourism”. Since March 2020 the pandemic has created a huge loss to the Tourism sector, every subsector of tourism is completely shut from march 2020 till December 2020. Later India has opened few states for domestic customers but that also come to a stand since March 2021. And there are no international arrivals for tourism in India since 2020 March.

To rebuild the tourism sector Indian government announced 5 lakh tourist visas issued once India allows entry to this category of visitors will be issued FREE OF COST. This benefit will be available only once per tourist, the scheme which forgoes Rs100 crore revenue from this head, the offer is applicable till March 31st 2022 or till the first 5 Lakh visas are issued.

The hospitality and tourism sector are affected by covid 19 since March 12th, 2020 from the day when WHO announced the Corona Virus outbreak as a global pandemic. Due to pandemic, the travel and tourism industry’s employment loss is close to 100 million worldwide.

Let’s take the data of 2019 Indian tourism statistics:

  • Foreign tourist arrival in India has increased to 10.7 million in 2019

  • Total Foreign Exchange Value due to tourism activities is expected to hit $29 billion in 2019

  • In 2019, the gender-wise distribution of International Arrivals comprised of 58.6% males and 41.4% females

  • As per the analysis 62.4% of foreign tourist arrivals was for the purpose “Leisure, Holiday & Recreation” followed by Business and Professional (16.3%), Indian Diaspora (13.5%), Medical (6.1%), and Other Purpose (1.7%)

  • 80.4% of tourists from Eastern Europe came under the category, “Leisure, Holiday & Recreation” followed by South Asia (74.5%) and Central and South America (73.3%). 50.5% of arrivals from East Asia were under the category Business and Professional followed by Africa (21.9%) and Western Europe (20.6%). 24.2% arrivals from West Asia were for ‘Medical Purpose’ followed by Africa (14.6%)

  • Average duration of stay by foreign tourists in India (22.7 days)

  • India was placed 22nd in the world in terms of international tourist arrivals into the country. It accounted for 1.24% of the globe’s international tourist arrivals

  • India was placed 13th in terms of Foreign Exchange Earnings (Tourism Receipts) from Tourism

  • Over 5 million Indian E-Tourist visas were applied in 2019

  • 5.4 million Indians travel to another country for MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conferences, etc.), study, shopping, leisure or to visit loved ones.

  • As per the report, Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the top destination for attracting a large number of Indian tourists in the state in 2019.

  • Around 53.6 crores of domestic tourists visited UP in 2019. This estimation contributes to 23.1% of total travelers.

  • The second and third position is marked by Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh respectively in the domestic visitor's list category.

  • However, Tamil Nadu has topped in the list of attracting foreign visitors in the state in 2019. Nearly, 68 lakh foreigners visited Tamil Nadu in 2019.

  • The second and third position is marked by Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh respectively in the foreign visitor's list category

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