• Team Escapades

Offbeat Motorcycle Trails in Ladakh

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Ladakh- the Land of High passes, probably one of the most visited places in India on a Motorcycle. Yes, it attracts close to 50000 motorcycle travelers around the globe every year. During the season from June to September people from all over the world visit this remote high altitude coldest desert to explore once in a lifetime experience. Most of the Motorcycle tours start from either Manali or Srinagar or it also starts from Leh, the headquarters of Ladakh division. The possible route to Ladakh is, generally, riders take the "Manali-Leh" highway and then exit from Leh-Srinagar highway or vice versa. Covering some of the high altitude mountains passes like Rohtang Pass, Baralachala Pass, Tanglangala Pass, Fotu la, and so on. Apart from these regular routes, there are several trails that are less traveled, let's see which are those offbeat places.

Hunderman – The Lost village between LOC

Hunderman or Hundarmaan is one of the northernmost villages in India and is situated in the Kargil district of Ladakh. It is located 10 km from Kargil, the district headquarters, and is on the banks of the Drass River. The village which changed its citizenship 3 times since Independence. Until 1947 Hunderman was under Indian territory, during partition till 1971 it was under Pakistan territory and after 1971 war it became a part of India again & till now. Hunderman is one of the remote villages in Kargil district, one has to ride for about 30-45 mins to reach this village which lies en-route to Kargil-Skardu Highway(Which is Closed since 1947). After reaching there please do visit the Museum in Hunderman and you can also view the bunkers of India and Pakistan army. The