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Top 10 Beaches to Explore During Goa Motorcycle Tour:

Goa is one of the smallest states in India, but it has many unique places to visit and no doubt it is a paradise for International travellers, it attracts a large number of tourists from Europe, Russia, the UK & Australia. Goa is ideal for those who love to explore old Goan culture or Portuguese culture. Goa was ruled by French, Dutch, Portuguese, and lately by English. So, it has a mix of all these fusion cultural diversities. And Motorcycle Tours in Goa is one of the amazing things one should do if you love motorcycle & travel. One can arrive at goa and explore the hidden beaches and then head further down to Karnataka and Kerala by riding through western Ghats or coastal lines of southern India. Goa has more than 70 beaches with a 100 km coastline from North to South Goa, which means every 1.5Kms has one beach on average, isn’t it a great thing to explore this tiny Indian state on Royal Enfield Motorcycles. So, on this blog, we are giving you the top 10 amazing beaches in Goa that one should visit during the Goa bike trip.

1. Arambol Beach

Arambol is an old fisherman village, which is located in the northern part of Goa. It is considered as one of the beautiful beaches in Northern Goa, which attracts a large number of tourists from November to March every year. Arambol beach has a large number of beach shacks, open beach events, Christmas celebrations, and vibrant nightlife are the major attractions of Arambol beach. Also, one can take a walk on the small colourful streets of Arambol beach which give you the vibes of hippie culture. One can get a lot of options for stays nearby beach huts at the best price. So, keep Arambol on your high priority list if you are planning to visit Goa Motorcycle tours.

2. Ashvem Beach

Ashvem beach is one of the best-kept secrets of Northern Goa, Ashvem is famous because a lot of Russian tourists visit this place every year and spend their beach vacation here. Ashvem has a lot of beach shacks and restaurants which are specialized in Russian cuisine the name of the hotels & the restaurant menus are in Russian. There are few cottages and restaurants which are even owned by Russian citizens. Ashvem has a large stretch of beach with coconut palms and pristine beach sands which makes it one of the best beaches for couples. You can sit just facing the sea and hold a beer in hand by just looking at this beautiful beach and amazing sunset. So, if you are traveling to Goa motorcycle tour with your partner, then add Ashvem to your list and don’t miss the evening walk on the beach.

3. Morjim beach

Again, this is also a famous beach in North Goa, which is largely visited by Europeans, especially Russians. Morjim is a famous breeding place for Olive sea turtles during the season. Morjim beach is an ideal place for Yoga and meditation, there are a lot of Yoga centres nearby that offer yoga courses during your staycation in Morjim beach. Don’t forget to try Goan cuisine in Russian restaurants. If you like to have peaceful beach holidays and spend quality time with your partner then Morjim is one of the options in North Goa. One can easily spend 5-10 days here by exploring other nearby beaches and streets of Northern Goa and fisherman villages. And Goan people are famous for their hospitality and joyful attitude.

4. Anjuna beach

Anjuna is also one of the important beaches in North Goa, which is closely located to Panjim the Capital of Goa. Anjuna is famous for its Market and to enjoy local Goan cuisines. The beach has trendy beach shacks, local restaurants, shopping streets, a local spice market, and beach cottages. Anjuna offers great views and spectacular photographic scenery makes one of the must-visit beaches during your Goa tour.

5. Baga beach

Baga is a beachside small town in the Bardez region of North Goa, Baga is located in the center of Goa tourist places and attracts a huge number of crowds during peak season. Baga beach is a paradise for domestic travellers who loves spending time on the shacks of Baga beach, adventure water sports, boating, spa, tattoo making, and so many other tourist activities, nightlife in Baga is amazing since it opens till early morning, there are few decent places to hang out during the night, night clubs and beach shacks open till midnight or early mornings. So undoubtedly one of the busiest and crowded beaches in Goa. There are also few sightseeing places nearby the beach like Fort Aguada, Chapora fort and few ancient churches.

6. Calangute Beach

Typically known as the queen of all beaches in Goa, Calangute is located center of the Goa state and also very close to Panjim the capital of Goa. It attracts a huge number of travelers from both domestic and international destinations, the most happening place in Goa with a lot of beach shacks, nightclubs, restaurants, shopping markets, water sports activities, and an ideal place for those who like to party. Calangute town.

7. Vagator beach

Vagator beach is located in the Northern part of the Bardez region of Goa, it is very famous for its Sunset point. Vagator beach is consists of red rocky stones and cliffs on the shore with amazing grasslands. The beach shore also offers some street shopping and cafes nearby. During 90’s Vagator beach is quite famous for hippies and rave parties, but off lately when a lot of tourists started to visit and the local tourism board put a restriction on such activities. But still, Vagator hilltop is famous in Motorcycle Travelers circle, because every year Royal Enfield holds its annual event called “Rider mania” at Vagator hilltop, where thousands of Royal Enfield enthusiasts will visit this 5-day event to meet like-minded people and also to participate in different completions like dirt race, slow race, beer-drinking completions, music events, and custom bikes display.

8. Cola beach

Cola beach is one of the most isolated and hidden beaches in South Goa. Located around 60kms from the capital of Goa, this beach is truly a wonderful place to relax. Getting there is a task since you need to travel almost 2 hrs of drive from Panjim to reach Cola beach, one should follow the instructions of the local people after reaching the village nearby, since there is no GPS signal available once you enter the rocky road to reach the beach. Once you find the way and reach the beach you will find its worth. This isolated beach is mainly visited by western tourists who like to relax and rejuvenate. Northern goa beaches are more like crowded and party places, whereas south goa beaches are isolated, less crowded, and ideal for couples who want to enjoy a peaceful vacation. It has a blue lagoon as well, which makes it one of the most beautiful south goa beaches for sunset and wilderness.

9. Agonda Beach

Another exotic beach in South goa is Agonda, one of the longest beaches in the entire Goa, Agonda beach is almost 3Km long sandy beach. Agonda is easy to access since a lot of local buses and taxis are available from Panjim and Mapusa. Agonda is feasible for those who love to spend time with their partner and long walk during the sunset. The small beautiful Agonda village is the best place to explore on foot, local fish markets in the morning make Agonda the best place to stay in Southern Goa. Agonda beach was ranked under the top 10 best beaches in Asia to visit in 2010.

10. Palolem beach

Palolem is located in the Canacona region of Southern Goa, the beach attracts a huge number of international tourists every year from November to March during winters. The beautiful beach shacks, water sports, street shopping, ultimate Goan cuisine, early morning dolphin sighting tours, and many more activities make it one the busiest beach in South Goa. It has a stretch of 2Kms long & is crescent-shaped. Palolem is ranked under the top 20 best beaches in Asia in 2018.

If you want to explore these top beaches in Goa then you need to spend at least 15-20, so that you can enjoy the culture and explore these magnificent beaches of Goa. Join our Adventure motorcycle tours in Goa to explore such hidden gems.

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