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Top 10 festivals of Rajasthan

Rajasthan - "Padharo Mahrey Des," Welcome to Our Land, fondly called as The Land of Maharajas”, is a state located in the northern part of India. Rajasthan is a magical land full of ancient cultural and vibrant charm which is very famous in India and also across the globe. Rajasthan is best for cultural, Leisure, and adventure motorcycle tours as well. It offers one of the best exposures to its forts, royal glamour, fascinating experience, and never-ending views of the Thar Desert.

Motorcycle tours in Rajasthan are the best way to explore the state and its art. Rajasthan is feasible for those who love leisure travel, motorcycle holidays with family, and one who loves to explore the ancient Hindu culture. Apart from forts and Havelis, Rajasthan is also quite famous for its vibrant festivals. Here is the list of the Top 10 must-visit festivals of Rajasthan on Motorcycles.

1. Pushkar Festival:

The mother of all festivals, the Pushkar fair is one of the most important and prominent festivals in Rajasthan where it attracts so many people around the globe. Pushkar fair is also called as Pushkar camel fair or Pushkar Mela is an annual multiday fair. Typically it starts either in the month of October or early November of every year. It’s a five-day event where people from different parts of the country exhibit their camels and livestock, Cultural events and competitions include dances, tug of war between women teams as well as men teams, the "Matka phod", "longest mustache" competition, "bridal competition", camel races and others. Since November is the best time to visit Rajasthan on motorcycle, a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts also visit this festival during their Adventure motorcycle travel in Rajasthan.

2. Kite festival:

Kite festival is a 3-day annual event that will happen during Mid January at the time of Makar Sankranti, Makar Sankranti marks the shift in the position of the sun. There is no much religious background or story to the festival but it has become a custom in the state to fly kites on this day. The state tourism department organizes Kite flying event in Jaipur and Jodhpur. Both are very colour full and unique. The ground is divided into two sections, one for kite war and another for a friendly kite-flying session. The participation is massive and on the last day of the festival, there is a prize distribution session too in the Umaid Bhawan Palace’s royal premises.

3. Holi In Rajasthan:

Holi is one of the important festivals in India, where most of the states celebrate these festivals according to their local culture and rituals. Holi is a festival of Colour; Holi in Rajasthan is full of colourful, joy and fun-loving festival along with religious and cultural essence. Holi is celebrated during the month of March every year; Holi in Rajasthan is celebrated by playing with each other with different colors, drinking Bhang, Lassi, Chaas, and Thandai during the festival. It’s a 2-day event which happens across the state and enjoyed by all the peoples of Rajasthan. When you are on a Motorcycle trip to Rajasthan try and participate in Holi and you can enjoy a different cultural experience.

4. Udaipur world musical festival:

If you are a music lover and it is India’s one of the best music festivals. The Udaipur World Music Festival is a cultural event held at Udaipur city in the state of Rajasthan. In this event, artists from around the globe join to give a variety of performances. The World Music Festival is scheduled to be an annual event, conducted every year in February. The festival features live performances by international artists. If you love music and motorcycles, then don’t forget to take a Motorcycle trip to Rajasthan and witness the best music festival of Rajasthan.

5. Rajasthan International Folk festival or RIFF:

Rajasthan is famous for its folk culture and they carry the essence of Folk music since ancient times, RIFF is one of the best places to witness the richness of India’s folk culture. RIFF is an annual music and art festival organized to promote traditional folk music and arts held at Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur. The festival is planned to provide an open stage to all folk artists and musicians from India as well as from the globe. Around 250 musicians and artists from Rajasthan and elsewhere attend this festival; this festival is also supported by UNESCO as "People's Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development". There is no other way to explore Rajasthan on Motorcycle and visit such festivals which gives us an amazing experience.

6. Desert Festival Jaisalmer:

Desert festival happens in Sam dunes of Jaisalmer every year during the month of February month. It’s a 3-day festival celebrated before the full moon day. The atmosphere is alive with song and dance, with the artists dressed in bright colours and traditional finery, depicting the tragedies and accomplishments of the desert, delicious food and interesting stalls selling handicrafts and other souvenirs will make it a memorable 3 days of your life during your Rajasthan Motorcycle tour.

7. Camel festival of Bikaner:

Bikaner Camel Festival is a 2-day annual event that will hold in the month of January. Thousands of camels all over the Rajasthan will participate during this festival. During the first day of the festival, there will be a camel procession which is decorated with necklaces and other ornaments. The parade will start from Junagarh fort and ends in Karni Singh stadium. On day 2 there will be several competitions where even a tourist can participate, competitions like Tug of war, water pot carrying race and turban tying etc will be there. So Don’t miss joining such a wonderful festival during your Rajasthan Bike trip.

8. Elephant Festival Jaipur:

Elephant Festival is a festival celebrated in Jaipur city in Rajasthan state in India. It is held on the day of the Holi festival, usually in the month of March. The festival features Elephant polo and Elephant Dance. The Elephant Festival is considered one of the most popular and celebrated events in the city of Jaipur. Since the festival was introduced, the ceremony has managed to attract a variety of outsiders to the festive event. Elephants symbolize royalty according to the traditions of Rajasthan. The state of Rajasthan was a popular destination for many royal figures as the kings and princes of those times would take elephant rides to the Amber Palace of Rajasthan. During the [monarchy], India’s royalty would hold events where the strongest elephants would fight each other to entertain the royal guests.

9. Winter Festival Mount Abu

Winter festival is one of the important festivals in Rajasthan which happens during the month of December last week every year. The Winter Festival features traditional dancing, concerts, fairs, and a fireworks display; participants include folk artists from majorly Rajasthan and also from Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. The festival opens with a procession to Nakki Lake. Other attractions of the festival include stage performance of Sufi Kathak and folk dances such as Daph, Ghoomar, and Gair, and entertainments such as kite-flying, hot air ballooning, cricket, Gilli danda, poetry reading, and music performances

10. Teej Festival :

Teej is celebrated by women in the Northern part of India, especially in Punjab and Rajasthan region. Teej welcomes the monsoon season and is celebrated primarily by girls and women, with songs, dancing, and prayer rituals. The monsoon festivals of Teej are primarily dedicated to Parvati and her union with Shiva. Women often fast in celebration of Teej the festivals celebrate the bounty of nature, arrival of clouds and rain, greenery and birds with social activity, rituals, and customs. The festivals for women include dancing, singing, getting together with friends and telling stories, dressing up with henna-coloured colours hands and feet, wearing red, green, or orange clothes, sharing festive foods, and playing under trees on swings on Haryali Teej. The festivals are dedicated, in many parts of India and Nepal, to Parvati.

If you are planning to visit any of these festivals then you should join our Rajasthan motorcycle tours during the winter season from November to March. Rajasthan is best to explore when you take a winter break vacation with your family and loved ones, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to curate one of the best Adventure Motorcycle tours in Rajasthan around any of these festivals.

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